The Kraft paper, which has high durability rate product, is packaging paper and offers different options such as bleached Kraft cellulose and unbleached. 

Kraft paper, which raw material is wood cellulose, is used in various industries such as packaging, food and in the field of packaging, conservation as well as wrap up. Its technical features leads its usage field. For example; making paper sack, packaging etc.

  • Water and humidity resistance
  • Durability of tearing up
  • Low cost 
  • Recyclable 
  • Suitable for lamination
Product Gramm Between 70gr – 150 gr


Between 3cm – 202cm

Core Diameter

20mm – 56mm – 76mm

Outer Diameter

Between 10cm – 100cm
Field of Usage  Industrial areas such as Packaging, Printing House, Food and Metal industries.
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