Pleating process is the process of shaping, crushing and folding 100% polyester and polyester mixture fabrics, leather and artificial leather through high-temperature rollers and dies. Pleating paper is also a kind of paper that helps you shape and protect with ease by adapting easily to the fabric in the pleating machine. Difference from other papers; its soft structure allows it to take shape easily and at the same time it has durability towards breaking.

  • It does not make dust on the machines.
  • It does not leave dust and stain on the fabrics.
  • Crepe Paper option is also available.
  • It does not break and your production does not stop.

17 gr -50 gr ( It is produced with crepe or plain)

WIDTH 100 cm to 320 cm


20 mm -56 mm- 76 mm
DIAMETER 10 cm to 100 cm
Field of Usage Textile Sector